Designed to exceed the expectations of the most discriminating homeowner, our ClearShield® Windows are custom built from only the finest materials. With an all welded fully weather stripped sash and 3/4" Dual insulated and 1" Triple insulated glass this window provides the performance and durability to meet today's tough energy standards without compromising style and elegance.

Multiple hollows in sash and frame create the perfect combination of strength and warmth, keeping your family safe and comfortable all year long. 

Multiple hollows in sash and frame create the perfect combination of strength and warmth, keeping your family safe and comfortable all year long. 

True slope sill design combined with a superior bulb seal, where the bottom sash meets the sill, creates the best protection against water infiltration by sealing and shedding water away from the interior of your home. 

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State - of - the - art block and tackle balances to create easy open and close functionality. Our unique balance covers also prevent dust and dirt infiltration providing you years of easy operation. 

Unique auto tilt system giving you a stronger and safe way to clean your windows easily from the safety of your home.

Fully reinforced and interlocking where the top and bottom sashes meet and lock. Our special engineered polymer composite which is structurally as strong as aluminum but much warmer.

One piece integral lift handle for years of easy use and operation.

Our blend of uPVC is made of Virgin Vinyl and has color throughout. This is key for when you accidentally scratch the window it will still show its true color. Able to be cleaned with standard soap and water, it is easy to care for and will last a lifetime.



ClearShield is Green

With a heightened awareness of the human effect on the environment, homeowners like yourself are becoming more conscious about the choices they make in their lives and their homes. It’s making the changes even in the smallest of ways, including choosing ClearShield® windows with Duralite® technology which are proven to:


  • Last longer, keeping windows in your home and out of landfills.Promote energy efficiency so that less energy is needed to heat and cool your home.

  • Quality constructed and well respected in the industry. Our ClearShield® window requires less fossil fuel to make than major competing plastics and is the primary choice for Energy Star rated windows.Naturally fire-retardant, more than half derived from common salt, and can be recycled. Our Destiny® vinyl window is one of the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient windows to manufacture.


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Our painting process is second to none. AAMA Certified and warranted for 15 years, our paint specialists are trained to be your expert in paint application. Our standard offering allows for you to match your windows to your homes décor. Available to be painted exterior only, interior only, or both.

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Each ClearShield® window has hardware color matched when white and desert sand. When stained or as an option any Destiny window can be accessorized with plated hardware.

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Whatever hardware you'd like, we can get for you. 


Every one of our windows comes with one of the strongest warranties in the industry. With a lifetime limited warranty on vinyl, all movable parts as well as glass against seal failure, you can be confident with your ClearShield® window purchase. In addition, our premium Destiny series also includes an additional glass breakage warranty.





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