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Design Your Dream Kitchen

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Whether you’re breathing new life into an existing space or creating something brand new, reflect your own excellent taste with StonyBrook's plentiful offerings. With cabinetry styles from classic to cutting edge, you’ll find doors and finishes that express your own personal flair. No matter what you envision,

find the perfect look here—your inspired space awaits.

It's a focal point in your home, so it should show off your personality. We provide kitchen remodeling services to clients all throughout Connecticut and have become a trusted contractor for countless families/businesses throughout this beautiful state.  

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If you have a kitchen plan already, fantastic, we can work with any set of plans you have or you can work with our renowned Kitchen Designer that will show you what your old kitchen could be. You'll get a 1 on 1 consultation with us to discuss your budget, your dreams for the kitchen and then we'll take measurements and get to work.  If you decide to have designs done, there is a non-refundable deposit of $500.  If you work with us, that deposit will be put toward your kitchen project, but if not all the design elements will be yours to shop around.  But most customers stick with us:)  You're in good hands, we'll take care of you!


All Stonybrook plywood is sourced domestically right here in the US and guaranteed our special warranty to protect your home for years to come.

We use only the highest grade materials, including two types of plywood:

  • Traditional plywood with an all-fir-crossband core has an ideal strength-to-weight ratio for many cabinet parts, so it is used for end panels, shelves, I-beams, hanging rails, etc.

  • Engineered plywood with an MDF crossband core creates a superior surface for accepting stains and paints, so it is used for finished surfaces such as finished ends and matching finished interiors.

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We use the same solid construction techniques across all our product lines, giving you trustworthy durability and lasting strength. All our cabinets are proudly built here in the Connecticut, USA ensuring high quality vs quantity. Our drawers feature:

• 5/8" thick hardwood sides
• 1⁄4" thick fully-captured drawer bottom

• Furniture-quality dovetail construction

• Sealed with clear coat for easy cleaning



  • Open grain patterns vary from close-knit and vertical to prominent and arched

  • Colors range from light tan and pink to medium dark red and brown

  • May contain small mineral streaks and some pin knots

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Pin Knots

Mineral Streaks

Close Knit, Vertical Grain

Arched Grain


  • Rich color and smooth, flowing grain patterns

  • Color varies from light pink to dark brown; variations are more prominent with lighter stains

  • Will darken or mellow with age, a change that is more noticeable with light stains—sun exposure greatly accelerates this process

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Pin Knots

Mineral Streaks

Pitch Pockets

Sap Wood


  • A rich-looking wood that blends well with cherry

  • Color is very uniform light brown with a reddish tinge

  • Fairly straight-grained, uniform texture

  • Contains pin knots, open and closed knots of various sizes, checking and mineral streaks which are typical and not considered defects. Knots may be in locations which affect hardware placement.

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Pin Knots

Mineral Streaks

Open Knots

Closed Knots


  • Smooth texture with tight, uniform grain patterns

  • Color is creamy white, varying slightly from almost bright white to light pink or reddish brown

  • Contains a natural resin that causes the wood to turn amber as it ages, a change that is more noticeable with light stains. Sun exposure greatly accelerates this process.

Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 2.41.57 PM.png

Mineral Streaks

Curly Grain


  • Can vary dramatically in color within a single piece of wood; from almost white to a deep, dark brown

  • Bold, prominent grain patterns give it a rustic appearance

  • Burls, pin knots, mineral streaks and small, sound knots are typical and are not considered defects

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Pin Knots

Mineral Streaks


Small Sound Knots


At Stonybrook Remodeling, we build everything custom so we can work with any designs you might have in mind. Just show us what you're looking for and we will build it! 

The Platinum line includes two standard face frame options


• Beaded face frame includes a rounded groove within the face frame, closest to the doors/drawer fronts.

• Non-beaded face frame maintains original specifications.

Beaded Front Face Cabinet.jpg


Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 2.48.42 PM.png

Non Beaded


Below are a few popular color finishes trending across the country right now, but we can create whatever color you want for your unique kitchen.

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1) Even coverage, 2) Lustrous color



White Icing


White Chocolate




Bay Leaf






Spanish Paprika

Butter Cream



Dried Lavender


The Kitchen You've Always Wanted!

Your kitchen remodeling project is exactly that: yours. Make the space your own with customized features that will stun every guest and create a haven for your family to gather every day.


By working with Stonybrook Remodeling, you can customize any part of your kitchen's features, including the: 

  • Cabinets

  • Countertops

  • Flooring

  • Trim

  • Layout

Stonybrook Kitchen Cabinet Logos (3).png