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Here at Stonybrook Remodeling we have partnered with industry giant ATLAS, to create Fortress Roofing, the most unique roofing products and roofing system out there!  Fortress Roofing has revolutionized this industry. Our unique system adds premium value and cost savings to you, because your family deserves the best!  While we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, we believe we are only as good as the product we install. Call us today about our Fortress Roofing System and our current promotions for this amazing product!


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Scotchgard™ Protector for Roofing

The right shingles can give your home a beautiful, distinctive finish. Unfortunately, most roof shingles available today are susceptible to ugly black streaks caused by algae. Scotchgard™ Protector is an industry-leading defense against black streaks caused by algae, and shingles featuring Scotchgard™ Protector are the only roofing solution for algae protection. Why is that important? Because Stonybrook Remodeling accepts nothing less than top-performing products that are proven to last. 


Trusted. Proven. Durable. 

People all over the world trust Scotchgard Protector more than any other

brand of protection. It’s the recognized leader, proven to be durable and



A lifetime of protection against black streaks caused by algae.
Shingles featuring Scotchgard Protector use 3M’s unique ceramic-coated granules.

These granules are engineered to precisely release copper ions into the dew on

your roof and resist weathering.


Decades of science behind every shingle.
3M pioneered the science of algae protection. The result is protection of your home’s beauty and against black streaks caused by algae. And lasts the life of your roof. For more information, visit:

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For maximum protection and warranty coverage, install an Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System with components designed and backed by an Atlas Warranty.

  1. Atlas WeatherMaster® Ice & Water Underlayment

  2. Atlas Premium Underlayment

  3. Atlas Pro-Cut® Starter Shingles

  4. Atlas Roof Shingles

  5. Atlas TruRidge® & HighPoint® Exhaust Ventilation

  6. Atlas Pro-Cut® & StormMaster Hip & Ridge Shingles

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